Newbie LJer

Sup my lurkers. As the title says I'm a newbie to LJ. I wasn't going to create one at first due to all the shit that goes on when ppl put their personal stuff on here and mufus go around linking their shit to others and insulting them but then I found the holy journals of them all: Oh No They Didnt and Omona They Didn't. I've been straight up lurking those sites pages for like the longest. After some  convincing to some prick who refuses to make me a LJ layout, I decided to join.  I'm going to try my best to be active with my journal. I prolly say anything that's really interesting useless some major shit goes down and I need yall input. I'm opened to friendships and whatnot so hopefully you guys can add me as your friend and vice versa. The three main LJs I plan to join and hopefully become a member of really soon are ONTD, omonaTD, and AramaTD. Of course I plan to join others but these are mainly the ones I'm going to be very active once my membership is accepted. If you want me to join your communites or be your friend just MSG me or let me know on those three communities if you see me on there.

Hope yall have a nice day.